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By far the most questions we have filled as a company are about the wiring and i want to address some of those questions.

LEDs are DC based. They'll run on ACbut they're much more efficient on DC. With that comes the the DEKOR package of products which is the DC transformer and controllers that go along with it.

So your'e gonna take an AC circuit which is just a regular outlet on the outside your house, plug our timer into it.

You're gonna know you got power to it because it's got an indicator light on it. The DEKOR transformer which is waterproof is going to plug into that [the timer]. So when the power goes into the transformer it's converted from AC to DC ... and then we've got a very clean circuit out to the LEDs.

LEDs are polarity player sensitive - what does that mean? On a car battery you've got a red terminal and a red cable and you've got a black terminal and a black cable. LEDs are the same way, they want to see that plus or minus voltage. So on all of our LED products you're gonna see the red and black wire.

That's all you have to do is make sure that main bus wire that's fed up to your lights tap into that same plus a minus all the way down. That's all you have to do.

If you cross the wires, you're not going to hurt anything. The lights won't light but you're not gonna hurt anything thing . The transformer will reset ... up to twenty thousand times ... at that point it does give up but you're not going to exceed that so ... if the lights don't light, CHASE THE VOLTAGE. Always chase the voltage.

Make sure that you've got power at the outlet. Make sure that the light on the switch lights out and that you've got power coming out of the transformer. Just take one of the lights whatever they are and attach it directly to the transformer and that's going to tell you if the transformer's lit.

And then it's just a matter of following that circuit down and finding where the problem is.

It can be as simple as one connection. we're treeing into the main bus wire ... a lot of times in the wire nuts. You know when you're twisting on the wire nuts they come loose for whatever reason .. so you're going to just chase that down and then everything's going to light up.

I hear the term "home run" a lot from people. Home run is an AC transformer terminology that means that with an AC transformer it's got to go out and it comes back to the transformer, that's a home run.

Our transformers are DC so you don't need that; you have a single bus wire going out and feeding your lights. It doesn't have to come back. You're just treeing into that bus wire wherever you want your lights to be.


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