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Hi, I’m Duane. I’m the owner of DEKOR™. We thought it would be great and beneficial to our customers if we did a series of videos very short that explained some of the frequently-asked questions that they encounter during the installation of our products. The cornerstone of DEKOR™ is our LED technology. We put together what we think are the best LEDs and best controls together to allow you to customize your project.

LEDs are different than a normal incandescent bulb.  They’re polarity-sensitive.  What does that mean?  Think of a car battery that’s got a red terminal coming off of it and a black terminal, plus and minus.  That’s how LEDs light up.  They don’t light up off of AC voltage, which is what’s going through your house.

So how does this circuit work?  We’ve got an outlet, so we’ve got to plug into the outlet, get that 120 volts coming off of it.  The timer plugs into the outlet.  The timer’s got a photo cell on it and it allows you to set after dusk how many hours and then it shuts off, or you can go dusk to dawn.  You’ll know it’s working ‘cause it’s got an indicator light on it.

From there, DEKOR™ transformer.  It’s a waterproof transformer, very robust, it plugs into this control, which again plugs into an outlet.

Now, the transformer can also be directly plug into a switched outlet on the outside of a house.  Okay, so for this case, we’ve taken the 120 volts and converted it into 12 volts DC.  LEDs run most efficiently on DC voltage.  So coming out of the transformer, we’ve got what we call a pig tail.  This is a waterproof connector.  Everything’s waterproof, and it’s even got a red piece of tape on the plus side.

Now, if you’re gonna use some of our controls, like the dimmer, it screws into that same waterproof terminal or the EZSwitch, and then the pig tail plugs into that and out to your lights.  Both of these, not only the EZSwitch, but the dimmer, have a remote control.  The switch, purely on and off; the dimmer allows you to adjust the lights down to what works for you.

If you lose the remote on the dimmer, you can still activate everything off the keypad here.  If you lose the remote on the easy switch, you need to contact DEKOR™ for a replacement.

Okay, so what do we have?  We have supply voltage to the timer.  We’ve got voltage coming from the timer to the transformer, voltage coming to the dimmer, our switch, or neither one of those.  You can go directly out to your lights; they’ll just be on full intensity all the time.

So LEDs, again, you remember the car battery, plus red, minus black?  You’re gonna keep the polarity the same all the way through the circuit.  You’re gonna have a main bus wire.  What does it mean, bus wire?  Got some wire here, 16 gauge is what we recommend, which is pretty good.  It’s gonna give you a long wire run.

One of the questions is can we – can you drop down in the gauge with the wire, go to 14 gauge or 16 gauge?  Absolutely you can.  It just – a lot of times, you’re dealing in tight spaces.  The larger the gauge of the wire, the less resistance, so everything actually runs better.  But the 18 gauge that DEKOR™ sells will be more than adequate for your project.

We confused a lot of people with the ease enclosure with the pictures that had everything in it and they thought everything came with it.  No, it doesn’t.  It’s the enclosure itself.

This keeps everything in good shape.  Everything is pretty much water-tight, but it just cleans up the installation.  It’s pretty simple to install; a couple screws into where you want to mount it.  You want to make sure the UV light or the sensor on the timer obviously is facing outward and it’ll still activate through this transparent window. 

Remember, DC voltage is extremely safe.  You can hold onto the leads from any of these transformers, it’s not going to shock you.  It’s very, very safe, and that’s one of the other reasons I love DC voltage.  LEDs work extremely well with DC voltage. 

Our system, remember, it’s a system; our LEDs, our controls, our transformers, it’s a system.  The moment you introduce something foreign to it, if you think you’re gonna save some money by buying another transformer someplace else, you void the warranty on the lights and you’re probably going to shorten the life of the lights as well. So stay with DEKOR™ products.  They’re integrated and they work well together.

Thanks for watching the video.  I hope we answered some of your questions.  And again, if between the video and the website you still have questions, give us a call.


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