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Plug-N-Play: Our Waterproof Connector System

“If you can charge your cell phone, you can install our products.”

Duane McCall, President and CEO of DEKOR

DEKOR™ is now making the majority of our products Plug-N-Play. We listened to the feedback from our customers, and simple, user-friendly installation was top of the list.

Our Plug-N-Play Connector System is completely self-sealing, removing the need for stripping wires and wire nuts.

Plug-N-Play takes the guess-work out of installation; no need to track the polarity (red and black wires) because DEKOR™ connectors are keyed to plug in the correct way.

With the introduction of the new EZ Plug-N-Play Splitter you can now junction up to 4 lights into one device streamlining the whole installation process.

Do you DIY? You will love the ease of installation.

If you're a profesional, you will love how Plug-N-Play drastically cuts installation time and cost.

Advantages of the DEKOR™ Plug-N-Play Connector System:

  • Waterproof, IP 67 minimum
  • Easy, tool-free connection
  • No cutting, stripping wires, wire nuts
  • All connectors are pre-assembled and individually tested
  • Simply “plug male into female connectors”
  • Self-sealing connectors fit perfectly
  • Keyed connectors –polarity is determined by the connector
  • Can be connected / disconnected while under load
  • Low voltage safety
  • ETL Certified.