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Lighting for Life

Lighting for Life is DEKOR™'s new tagline or slogan. As a quality and value leader in the LED lighting marketplace, we were looking for a tagline that reflected our values and what we understood to be important to our customers.

Lighting for Life stands for lighting products that last a long time, a reflection of DEKOR™’s core manufacturing competency: quality, reliability, innovative LED technology.  Lighting for Life also means lighting products for your lifestyle and for a better quality of life.

Built to last and built to enhance your lifestyle, DEKOR™’s products deliver value above all.

Built To Last

The LED revolution has transformed lighting in just about every way possible—from size to efficiency.  As a CREE LEDs Branding Partner, DEKOR™ is leveraging CREE’s unparalleled innovation and proven technology to deliver more reliable and better performing LED lighting products. Our products are energy efficient, long lasting and durable. We take pride in our workmanship and the quality of our products.  We offer some of the best warranties in the industry.  In sum, we build lighting for life …or at least for a very long time. 

Built To Enhance Your Lifestyle

Transform your living space and enhance your lifestyle. DEKOR™ lighting provides safety and security, sets the mood, creates ambiance and a sense of comfort … at work, rest, or play. We build quality into our products so you can install them and essentially forget them … so you can enjoy more and maintain less.

At DEKOR™, it's not just the better quality of product we make that matters, it's the better quality of life you will enjoy. Take back your lifestyle with Lighting for Life by DEKOR™.